Born: January 31, 1928
Education: University of Illinois, BS Journalism 1949

From 1955 to 1984 I was a businessman. In 1962 I took up photography having been excited by seeing books on the work of Walker Evans, Dorthea Lange, Wright Morris, Ben Shahn and other FSA photographers. I was intrigued by the idea that an art form could also make social comment. I am self taught. From 1968 to 1971 I worked as a free lance photojournalist. I had assignments from major photo agencies and magazines such as Life, Look, Fortune and The Saturday Evening Post. When I sold my business in 1984 I once again became a full time photographer. In 1985 I founded the Focus Infinity Fund in order to do pro-bono photography projects with young photographers and with museums in the midwest.

Since 1981 I have served on the photography committees of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Museum of Contemporary Photography at Columbia College in Chicago.

I split my time between Chicago and Bozeman, Montana. In Chicago I am a street photographer, recording life in a very busy city. In Montana I shoot the space, vast, silent and exquisite. The contrast gives me deep pleasure.

My photographs can be found in:

The Art Institute of Chicago collection
The Columbus Museum, Columbus, Georgia
Columbia College's Museum of Contemporary Photography collection
The Stein Roe Collection
The David & Sara Jean Ruttenberg collection
The Israel Museum -- Jerusalem
Various private collections
LaSalle Bank, Chicago collection
Lannan Fund collection


-2006-7        -a show at Shack Up Gallery, Bozeman, Mt.

                   -a story about me in the Big Sky Journal, Art Issue, “Taking it to the Street”.
                   about being a street photographer in crowded Chicago and empty Montana.

                   -a show at the Art Institute of Chicago, “ By the Score”. 3 photos. October through January. My work                    was included with the work of 28 photographers, most of whom have always been heroes of mine.                    The wall on which my photos were shown also had the work of Henri Cartier Bresson, Helen Levitt,                    Gary Winogrand, and Yazuhiro Ishimoto. I couldn’t have been in better company.

-2005           Maxwell street show. Stephen Daiter Gallery, Chicago, IL

-2005           Created a boxed photo set with 10 other photographers to be sold as a fund raiser for
                   the Maxwell Street Foundation

-2005           Photo story in the Big Sky Journal, Bozeman, MT

-2003           Show: Stephen Daiter Gallery, Chicago, IL
                   Show: Columbus Art Museum, Columbus, GA

-2002           Show: Danforth Gallery, Livingston, MT

-1998           Show: Participated in "Selected Words," Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago

-1997           Participated in "The City: Harbor of Humanity," Museum of Contemporary Photography,

-1997           One Man Show: At Stuart Baum Photography, Chicago

-1996           Show: Participated in "Illinois Photographers in the 90s," Museum of Contemporary
                   Photography, Chicago

-1996           Show: Participated in "The Subject is Music," Art Institute of Chicago, September 28 through
                   December 1.

-1994-95      Co-sponsored Jay Wolke's photographic study of the Chicago Jewish Community.

-1992           Shows: Participated in "The Intuitive Eye," Art Institute of Chicago, 1991

-1991-92      Produced a 60-print show on "Homelessness" for the Art Institute of Chicago.

-1989           A 200-print book, "Changing Chicago: A Photo documentary," was published is the University
                   of Illinois Press.

-1988-89      Executive producer, "Changing Chicago," a documentary project. This project included 33
                   photographers who worked for a year to produce a 600 print show at five Chicago venues
                   (Art Institute, Field Museum, Columbia College Museum of Contemporary Photography,
                   Chicago Cultural Center, The Chicago Historical Society).

-1988           "GOLUB," a one-hour documentary (which was shown on national PBS August 15, 1990 on
                   "Point of View").

-1986           Lectured at the Maine Photography Workshop in documentary photography

-1986           Co-producer, "Farm Families," a 90 picture show with the Art Institute of Chicago

-1985-96      Founded and operated the Focus/Infinity Fund, a not-for-profit corporation producingfilms and
                   photography projects of social and artistic significance.

-1983           Photography Show at Indiana University's Gallery Northwest

-1975           One Man Show, Valparaiso University Law School, Valparaiso, Indiana

-1968-71      Freelance photography. Worked for Life, Fortune, Saturday Evening Post, New York Times
                   Magazine, Look Magazine, among others; also text book publishers and annual report

-1968           One man show "Israel," Spertus Museum of Judaica, Chicago

Aside from these projects, I worked with individual photographers on several projects.